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    Hi John,


    Thank you for your message! As for now, Animotica does not such a feature to temporarily hide a video clip without deleting it yet. I will ensure your message gets to the upper management, and we will consider your wish while working on future updates. 

    You will then need to delete 2 of the 3 pieces to save a video clip separately (for e.x. there are 3 video clips). Repeat this step two more times, each time saving a different piece of a video project.


    Thank you for making Animotica better!


    Best regards,

    Animotica Team


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  • John Tredinnick

    Thanks for the quick response. Thats the approach i've been using which is fine short term. I think adding a staging area for clips or a simple hide function would really make Animotica perfect. Thx

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