How do I link an overlay with the video clip?



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    Thank you for your message! The overlays get attached to the timeline, but not to the specific clips in Animotica. I will inform the upper management about your message, and we will consider adding a function to attach overlays to specific video/photo clips. 

    Best regards,
    Animotica Team

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  • Kristel Ellis

    I'm currently having a similar issue.  I've loaded music for two specific clips but after aligning the music to the video it moves each time.  The finished product has the music in the wrong place. so now back to the drawing board.

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  • Yohann Dias

    I have text overlays that correspond to each video clip in my project.  I have the same issue when I need to go back an insert a video clip upstream in the project.  I need to individually re-align each text overlay to its corresponding clip, downstream from the insert. The best fix would be to move all overlays by the length of the inserted clip, so that the rest of the project stays intact, or enable a feature where all overlays could be dragged and re-positioned as a group.

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