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  • Antigone P.

    Hey! I've I wanted to add, after so much time, a suggestion for new features Some great features I would love to see added:

    - Reverse Video Tool, a MUST for every YouTuber who makes funny videos.
    - Fisheye Filter can be used widely. in nearly every video.
    - A mini-sound editor, which could have its features, like changing the pitch, the resonance, enchanting the sound, and a background sound remover, but also a feature that distorts or removes distortion from audio.
    - A feature in the speed changer, to choose whether the pitch is changed or not.
    - Shortcut keys, let's say C for Cut and X to Cut.

    Well, yeah. I hope this feedback message gets into consideration. As a Premium user, I would love to see the new features applied as soon as possible!

    Regards, Antigone Peristera

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